His grace changes everything


Sasa was falsely accused of stealing expensive equipment and then rejected by her peers. She became defensive and withdrawn, which further alienated her from others. Yet when she experienced the undeserved love of Jesus, her heart found peace. 

John was caught in an addiction to pornography that kept him defeated with guilt and shame.  However, discovering Christ’s victory over all sin has cleansed his heart and given him new freedom.

Vickie thought other people were to blame for all her problems, which left her pessimistic about life. Yet when she recognized her pride and trusted Christ, he gave her new freedom.

Allen held on to his career success hoping it would satisfy, but discovered that true satisfaction came from the Lord and that all the good gifts in this life were from Him.  

Priscilla found healing from deep family pain and severe depression after hearing of the overwhelming love of Christ for her.

Diana felt depressed after a family illness, a broken marriage, and personal treatment for cancer. But in her depths, she met the Lord and discovered forgiveness and hope through Him.


Rachel tried to compensate for her insecurity through personal achievements, yet never gained the approval she longed for.  When she learned that Christ gave his life so she could be accepted by God, her heart was transformed.

Lily’s home life was marked by angry arguments and the absence of love. But at her university, she was invited to a house church where God’s love deeply moved her, and gave her a new vision for her future.

Dee’s broken relationship with his father caused feelings of anger and failure, and he struggled to relate with others. Yet when he learned of Christ's unconditional love, his heart was transformed.

Joshua’s pride was ruining his friendships until he realized that it's not about his good works, but what Christ has done for us.

Sophia’s marriage, family and finances were failing. Through this trial, God led her to a community to show her more about Himself. 

Andrew and Angela son’s sudden illness made them consider what it truly means to die to this world and trust the Lord with their lives.