the discipleship journey series


The Discipleship Journey series is  a resource to equip followers of Christ for spiritual leadership. 
Our hope is that these resources will help prepare men and women to be continuously transformed by His grace,
inspired by His Spirit, and joyfully serving others in love.

The three books and accompanying 30-session video teaching is suitable for a small group or individual study. 
For questions, cost information or to place an order, please contact us.


Book one: 
a walk with God

A Walk with God was written to help you discover the power of grace found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Each one of the ten chapters takes you a step deeper into knowing Christ in a meaningful and life-changing way.


Book two:
A change of heart

A Change of Heart is a ten-chapter book focused on how the gospel empowers you to overcome character weaknesses that often bring defeat. It provides practical hope for your transformation, which God intends to bring about by His Spirit and truth.


Book three:
a life with purpose

A Life with Purpose is intended to help you confidently live out your faith and spread His grace in the key relationships of life: marriage, family, church, marketplace, community, and world. 


language options

The Discipleship Journey series, books one, two and three, are also available in available in both Chinese and Vietnamese.


video teaching

The Discipleship Journey video teaching by Kevin Evans provides 20 minutes of insights to accompany each of the 30 chapters. This resource is available in English, Chinese or Vietnamese.


Weekly Prayer guide

Join us as we align our hearts with God’s Word and pray for the nations weekly. All photos represent the people of China and Asia that we are serving with the gospel. To receive this year's prayer guide, click the donate button below. There is a small fee to cover packaging and postage.